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All remaining Classic and Premium colours!

*Prices subject to change without notice.

Cannot be combined with other offers; conditions apply. 2021

Here's what we've been working on

36 Paradiso Contour w/Rose

36'L x 8"W x 28"H


CM 6" Contour in

Sliver Bronze Granite

Church Window Top All Pol Upright Monument 30"L x 6"W x 36"H & Base


RM 8" thick Monument


CM 8" thick Contour in

Laurentian Pink

CM 6" Contour in

Barre Gray

RM Wing Monument w/Vase

From $5050

RM 8" thick Monument in Royal Emerald

Bronze Plaque incl.

RM 3' tall Contour w/Vase


CM Contour 90

26"L x 6'W x 30"H


CM Contour in Bahama Blue

26"L x 6"W x 32"H

  From $3770

CM Contour in Mist

26"L x 6"W x 32"H